huichung - drawstring dress

huichung - drawstring dress

drawstring dress, tie the straps at your desired length!

- one size 

- model is wearing the mint style under the overdress

30+ years ago, 鄭惠中 (Cheng Hui-Chung) started making clothing in a studio tucked away in a quiet neighborhood outside of Taipei city in Taiwan. Today he still makes this special clothing in his studio, where there are wooden doors that lead to a tranquil courtyard. Inspired by the natural processing techniques of Taiwanese aboriginals and traditional monk wear, 鄭惠中 takes cues from clothing details that mark the stages of Taiwan history. “Colors express one’s mood”, says 鄭惠中, who provides an array of bright and muted colors that are all garment-dyed by hand using plant enzymes. Each piece is either linen or cotton and is intentionally not branded--a testament to his purist point of view.

The Wax Apple celebrates the beautiful craftsmanship of 鄭惠中 with a small and carefully curated selection. Each piece is made in Taiwan, finished beautifully with double layered and/or hidden seam details.